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The Georgia Real Estate Commission & Appraisers Board

Mission: Our agency's mission is to ensure professional competency among real estate licensees and appraisers and to promote a fair and honest market environment for practitioners and their customers and clients in real estate transactions in Georgia.

Latest News & Announcements

Job Opening

Pending Amendment to the Georgia Appraiser Board Rules concerning the minimum qualifications for college-level education for Licensed and Certified Residential Appraisers:

Our Online Services for Real Estate Firms, as well as all Schools has been upgraded. All Qualifying Brokers and School Directors, who have not already established logins in the new system, will need to register new login passwords for the upgraded system. Instructions for the new process may be found here: New Online Services Login Instructions

Recent Rule Changes

Customary and Reasonable Fees for Appraisers

The Board has adopted a rule that requires Appraisal Management Companies (“AMCs”) to pay appraisers customary and reasonable fees for appraisal services being performed for one to four family residential units for the market area being appraised. The Board has also funded a study of customary and reasonable fees paid in Georgia in 2014 for appraisal services being performed for one to four family residential units.

You can read the rule at:

You can read the study at:

Continuing Education Increase for Real Estate Licensees

Video Discussion of CE Rule Change:


GREC Sponsored Courses

The Commission sponsors the following 3-hour online CE courses. Click on the title to register: The following 2 courses are offered in class, at different location throughout the year. Click on the title to view the schedule:

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