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Investigation Process/Background Clearance

In order to approve licensure or certification for real estate professionals and appraisers, the Georgia Real Estate Commission and Appraiser's Board must verify the criminal history record of all applicants via the GCIC Report and the application. The Commission/Board may deny a license/classification to any applicant who has a prior criminal conviction(s) or a disciplinary sanction(s) imposed by any occupational licensing body.

The Commission/Board STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that applicants having prior criminal convictions and/or disciplinary actions submit an Application for Background Clearance prior to scheduling and paying for the examination. The background clearance decision will allow the applicant to determine if they would be approved for licensure/classification prior to incurring the expense of educational classes and/or examination fees. There is no fee for this application.

It is important that the GCIC Report and all necessary supporting documents be included in the application or it will be returned to the applicant unprocessed and incur a $25.00 fee.

Timeline for Investigations

Upon receiving a background clearance application, the Commission/Board will conduct an investigation and then decide whether it would issue a license if the applicant fulfilled all the requirements for licensure. The investigation usually is completed within one month of receipt of the complete application. However, it can sometimes take up to four months to complete. Therefore, it is important that you take this time into consideration when planning to apply for a license/certification.

Cases that have a completed investigation will be presented to the Commission or Board during the regularly scheduled meeting and a decision will be rendered. The Commission/Board will notify the applicant by mail of the decision and no information regarding an investigation is allowed to be given out over the telephone.

If the Commission/Board approves the background clearance application, the applicant will be given a Clearance Letter, which must be taken to the testing center to receive a license or certification.

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