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Real Estate License Applicant Education Requirements

In order to be eligible to become a Community Association Manager, Salesperson, Associate Broker, or Broker the applicant must meet the educational requirements as defined by the Commission. In addition to being a high school graduate or obtaining a certificate of equivalency, the applicant must complete specific real estate related education.

To review the unique educational requirements for each type of real estate license, click on the appropriate link below:

To review the detailed course curriculum required by the Commission for prelicense and postlicense real estate courses, click here. If you have not yet completed your educational requirements, you can review the list of Approved Schools by clicking here.

Providing Evidence of Meeting Educational Requirement

When applying to sit for the real estate examination, applicants must provide evidence to AMP that the he/she meets the educational requirements for the type of license for which the examination is being administered. The type of information required is dependent upon how the applicant plans to meet the educational requirements:

Enrolled in a Commission Approved Prelicense Course

If the applicant is currently enrolled in a Commission approved prelicense course for Community Association Manager, Salesperson, or Broker, the proof of graduation is electronically transmitted to AMP from the school.

Transcripts From a College, University or School of Law to Fulfill Requirements

If you plan to use transcripts to fulfill educational requirements for a real estate license, you must submit to AMP (not the Commission) an official transcript from the college, university, or school of law with the paper application that can be found on page 21 of the Candidate Handbook. Letter and grade reports are not acceptable. Continuing education adult education, crash seminars, and special short courses are not acceptable. If your coursework is acceptable, AMP will contact you within five business days of you application being received to schedule an appointment for examination. If your coursework is not acceptable, your application materials will be returned unprocessed.

Certificates of Completion of Prelicense Courses Approved by the Real Estate Agency of Another State or Province of Canada

If you are currently licensed in another state or if you have ever held a license in another state, you may be eligible to obtain a reciprocal license without taking the examination. To learn more about obtaining a reciprocal license, click here.

If you have completed the prelicense requirements in another state and were never licensed or if you have previously been licensed in another state, but that license is not current, you can fulfill your education requirements by submitting certificates of completion of prelicense courses approved by other states or provinces. You must obtain a letter from that agency that verifies that the course is approved in that state or province. The certificates of completion and agency letter must be submitted to AMP with the paper application that can be found on page 21 of the Candidate Handbook. If another state's real estate regulatory agency issues a certification of education history, you may utilize that document instead of the certificates of completion.