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Georgia Real Estate InfoBase - Commission Foreword

Commission Foreword

Welcome to the Georgia Real Estate InfoBase Project.  The Georgia Real Estate Commission ("Commission") has partnered with Georgia State University's Department of Real Estate to bring you this web manual of real estate information.  The project was funded by the Education, Research and Recovery Fund of the Commission to which each real estate licensee contributed when originally licensed.

The Georgia Real Estate License Law (the "Act") helps protect the public against illegal or unethical practices of real estate licensees.  The scope of the Act covers licensing, education and discipline.  The Act empowers the Commission to enforce it.  In order to effectuate the Act, the Commission promulgates rules and regulations and disseminates them to licensees and the public.  It also promulgates material to help with its mission of educating licensees and the public of real estate law.  Publication of this web-based manual is one such act.  The Commission intends that real estate licensees and the public use this manual as a guide to legal and ethical real estate brokerage activity.  The Commission does not intend, however, that licensees or members of the public use this manual as a substitute for competent legal advice for any specific legal question.

The Commission appreciates the efforts of Dr. Roy E. Black and Dr. Joseph Rabianski of Georgia State University in publishing a real estate manual years ago that became the foundation of this web project.  We also thank Dr. James D. Vernor and Dr. Joseph Rabianski for leading the effort to update and supplement the original manual for the InfoBase Project.  The Commission would like to thank former Real Estate Commissioner Jeff Ledford and former Real Estate Commission members Robert T. Love and George W. Holtzman as well as all current members for their work and support in initiating the project.  It has been in production since 2009.  We would like to especially thank the volunteer editors who contributed their time and expertise to the project.


William L. Rogers, Jr.
Real Estate Commissioner

Craig Coffee
Deputy Real Estate Commissioner