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Georgia Real Estate InfoBase - History and Acknowledgements

History and Acknowledgements

In 1972 the General Assembly substantially recodified Georgia's real estate license law.  For the first time, the law mandated education requirements for licensees.  The next year the Commission authorized publication of the first edition of the Georgia Real Estate Manual in an effort to provide approved schools with some basic education materials.  John Correll, a Georgia broker and educator, wrote a section in that manual entitled "Real Estate Practice in Georgia."  In subsequent editions of the manual, other authors rewrote and expanded that section.  Attorney Quinton S. King was the first to do so.  Later attorneys Lois D. Shingler and Carol P. Bush also rewrote it.

In 1979 the General Assembly mandated postlicense education for salespersons and continuing education for licensees.  Again, the Commission authorized the production of study guides to assist with that education.  Joe Phillips wrote the first editions of those study guides.  Later, he and Mr. Jack Wilson updated them.  Subsequently, Tom Gillett made still further revisions to them.

When the Commission authorized Dr. Roy T. Black and Dr. Joseph Rabianski of Georgia State University to develop this new reference text, it charged them to cover the content areas in the Georgia Real Estate Manual and the study guides and to add substantial additional subject areas.  Because this text is for reference rather than for teaching, Dr. Black and Dr. Rabianski have substantially rewritten and/or reformatted much of the material in those earlier texts.  Some of the original work by the authors of the earlier texts survives unchanged in this text.  Dr. Black and Dr. Rabianski requested that the Commission recognize their contributions on this authorship page.

In 2009, at the suggestion of it’s Education Advisory Committee, the Commission approached Julian Diaz, then-Chair of the Real Estate Department at Georgia State University, about a partnership to revise this book and convert it into an online Internet Resource for use by the general public and persons interested in the various fields of real estate. Contracts were executed and Jim Vernor, Chair Emeritus of the Department was enlisted to lead the effort. Campus Labs Inc. was hired to provide computer support to the effort. Members of the Education Advisory Committee and other subject matter experts were recruited to edit chapters in their area(s) of interest. As with earlier editions, financing came from the Commission’s Recovery Fund.